Memories Words & Music Declan Canning © Blackwych Music 1983 Verse 1 Now she gone The heart it hurts so inside me Well I try to visualise Her face, her face Lost for words I cry for time reminds me All we had, When you were here Pre-chorus Now the crystal chandelier Lights the hallway to the darkness Of your empty room Memories and loneliness Try to seek another heart Away from this ghostly tomb   Chorus And my memories, My Memories My Memories And my Memories Memories, Verse 2 As the days slowly pass, unnoticed Thinking back to all those, happy years I find my life my love Its all unnoticed For I sit alone Remembering you my love in tears Pre-chorus Now the crystal chandelier Light the hallway From the darkness Of your empty room Dreams of the way we were But to never feel the love again Your love again Chorus Those Memories O!  Those memories Those memories O! The memories Solo
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