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Blackwych started out in 1982, after Declan ( Dec) answered an add in the local news paper for guitarist wanted for rock band. That band were called Warlock and were based in Kildare town, This outfit was giging the local venues and required a second lead guitarist to fill out the sound. So after a bit of an audition, he got the job With their new lead guitarist on board, Warlock got straight into rehearsals in back gardens and gigs in local youth halls, well is that not what all 19 year old bands do. The band were going well but this line up only lasted about 10 months. Around this time, the singer Martin made the decision to leave the band and Ciaran  joined. More gigs, more rehearsals and more importantly. The recording of songs on demo tape began. Their first demo included Mental Telepathy and Out of Control, and were recorded  on a 4 track tascam. Dec had written these songs in his Dads garage to the back ground noise  “turn that f--king down”. Most likely the inspiration for the song title Mental Telepathy. These demo’s opened up doors for the lads. People got to here the sound and feel of the music the band were    producing. Around the same time two more changes occurred. The bands drummer John, lovingly know as  “Gonz” decided to leave, effectively  leaving the band with no drummer as there was no one else in the frame, and the bands name was changed.  The name “Warlock” was already in use by another successful recording outfit from Germany. So after a period of names in a hats and bit of ranting etc, the guys settled on “Blackwitch” put forward by Mario, who like the whole dark magic aspect Around 1984, Dec was chatting to songwriter & producer Pete Holidai from the Radiators and asked him to promote the band if he could. It was through Pete contacts that the band got offered their first recording release on  new compilation of Irish Metal called Green Metal It was on the strength of a demo  produced by Pete and recorded at SRS Studios Slane. This demo included  Rockin Lady and Out of Control. It was around this time Mario the band bassist decided it was not for him, and Niall  C  joined. After securing the release of two tracks on this compilation, and a short deliberation the bands name spelling was modified to Blackwych.  Using the word Wych as a preferred spelling, its comes from the name of a tree, the Wych Elm, the tree brothers being carpenters, it was something they all embraced,  its also used in old English give to an area of London called Aldwych (old town). The name change was a must, the lads wanted to Move away from the whole Witch thing, dark magic etc, not their bag. Shay Hennessy at Crashed Records asked if it were possible to send in two more tracks as Rockin Lady was not heavy metal enough for this compilation, so the lads went back to S.R.S to record another two song demo including Metal Mania and The Hangman. In the end, Out of Control and Metal Mania were picked to appear on the compilation. Unfortunately for all the bands on this compilation, the record company used their demo tapes as the masters for this release, so its not what it could have been. Chris “Andralinus“  Connolly from Shadowfax had played drums for the previous demo, but he was not available for the second  session . So Damien Grant a young drummer from Maynooth who had been rehearsing with the band assisted on these two tracks. About a month or two after this session Richard  left, Later to reformed Warlock with Mario,  Gonz & Martin Blackwych now consisted of three  brothers, Dec, Niall, and Ciaran, who became the core members of the band.. After the release of “Green Metal” Album and the promotional gig in the Project arts centre, Dec approached Crashed Records, Dublin. Spoke with Shay Hennessy, and secured the release a full debut album. This album was recorded at SRS studios Slane, and release on the Crashed Records label in Ireland, and Metal Masters Records Label for the rest of the world. This debut album was recorded in three days at SRS Slane, and called Out of Control
Warlock  1982 Richard & De at Eddie's Studio Kildare Town
Pete & Dec
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