Warlock 1982/4 The first steps on the road to rock ‘n’ roll started here with a local band called Warlock pictured top left. The photo is from 1982, however the band was formed before then. A kildare town  based band including,  John Joe O Houlihan (aka Gonz), Mario Corrigan,  Martin Doyle, Richard Fitzsimons & Dec James Ciaran J Canning pictured extreme right joined the band on vocals in 83. By 1985 the band was effectively gone and had morphed into Blackwych All the founding members of Warlock had left over the previous two years for different reasons so by 85/86 the three brothers became the core unit.
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Warlock 1982
Warlock  1982 Gonz, Mario, Martin, Richard, Dec
Warlock 1983
Blackwych  1986
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