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The Last Stand The original material for this album was first recorded live during our Irish tours 1986/87. The main purpose being to reduce the cost and help with the cost of the UK tour. We had previously decided to release a series of live performances taken from the gigs to help with the tour and let the fans hear the real band and not a studio copy that may not always true. Many of our favourite bands had produced live albums and by far a better sound. We believed our music needed to be heard live to take in the energy of the sound we produced. The recordings were made in Archibald’s  Bar- Carlow Leinister Arms - Kildare Town The Ivy Rooms - Parnell St, Dublin Coxs Lounge - Newbridge Hayden’s Bar - Naas The Fire House - Trim Behan’s Ball Room- Clane Lenister Arms - Maynooth O Keeffs - Kilcock The Dewdrop Inn - Kill The Grand Hotel - Wicklow The Hitching post - Leixlip We then selected 8 songs from the total recordings as some were not usable, All the master s from this album was lost in a storeroom fire that destroyed much of our horde of recording masters, vinyl, cassette’s  and memorabilia. A sore loss for us, This release was only ever available at gigs in the UK  and was released on a limited run.     Song Titles 1 The Last Stand 2 Castaway 3 Alamein 4 After the Battle 5 Rocking Through The Night 6 Fortune lies 7 Memories 8 Bloody War Many thanks to the crew, Joe Burn, John Cassidy, Damien Foy,  Paul Dixon, Two Wheels Motor Cycles Copyright Blackwych Music
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